28 June 2018

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Eco traveler! There are 15 reasons why The Cantabrian is your perfect holiday home

The Cantabrian Eco-Apartments  are the first rental homes which are sustainably managed in Cantabria. These eco-apartments are designed to take care of the planet without giving up on comfort. Because in The Cantabrian we know that our daily routines have an impact in the environment and we think it is our responsability to make this impact as low as possible.

There is only one planet

Environment is not an abstract concept. It is in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the land we step on or the sea in which we bath. Our future and the future of the flora and fauna depends enormously on how we look after it. That is why in The Cantabrian we take care of every detail in our eco-apartments, so your holidays are as respectul with the planet as possible. This makes The Cantabrian the perfect rental home for eco travelers.


Do you want to know why? Here you have the 15 reasons why The Cantabrian are the ecological rental home to choose for your eco travel needs!

15 Reasons why The Cantabrian Eco-Apartments are the Perfect Rental Homes for Eco Travelers

1. 100% of our electricity comes from renewable sources

We hire certified electrical providers, who obtain energy from renewable sources such as photovoltaic or mini hydraulic.

2. We reduce energy consumption through energy efficiency

100% of our lighting comes fom LED bulbs, cutting the light consumption in more than an 88%. Moreover, our appliances are A class rated.

3. We select our waste

We have recycling bins and 100% biodegradable waste bags made from potato starch, so we promote recycling an prevent pollution.

4. We save up to 60% of drinkable water

We use flow reducers in kitchen and bath faucets to prevent potable water waste. 

5. We work locally

We create a positive impact in our rural environment, working with local producers and artisans. We also buy km0 products.

6. We make the most of the sun light and heat

Our eco-apartments are south-faced, following the traditional building model of Cantabrian coast. This way we make the most of sun heat and natural light.

7. We follow a zero waste philosophy

A great part of the products you would find at your arrival have benn bought in bulk or in big quantities as for avoiding disposable containers and reduce our waste. 

8. We fight again microplastic

We avoid microparticles of plastic to reach our sea, using cleaning tools made from natural materials such as wood, spar, vegetal fibers, cellulose or cotton. Our brooms, mops and brushes are free from plastic. Moreover we offer sustainable alternatives to other plastic products such as straws or thea bags, putting at your disposal stainless steel straws and tea meshes.

9. We avoid amenities

We think that traditional amenities (plastic monodoses) are no longer necessary to achieve a perfect travel experience. That is why we use soap, shampoo and dishsoap dispensers. Products we buy on bulk to avoid disposable plastic containers.

10. We offer you ecological products

For example, our coffee and tea, ecological and bouth in bulk, or our extra virgin olive oil and vinegar, ecological and in glass containers.

11. We believe in fair trade

Whenever it is possible we buy certified fair trade products, such as our ecological and fair trade coffe. 

12. We use biodegradable and no plastic cleaning products

The vast majoity of our cleaning products (except disinfectants) are biodegradable in a 90% to 100% proportion. In addition, we buy them in bulk or in potato starch water soluble capsules, so we can avoid plastic and reduce the ecological print from its transportation.

13. We donate part of our profit

We donate part of our anual profit to ONGs which work on environmental issues.

14. We use natural fibers textiles

Our sheets, towels, mats and cushions are made with natural textiles such as cotton, linen or jute. This way we reduce the usage of synthetic fibers in our eco-apartments.

15. We offer experiences related with the knowledge and care of the environment

We want you to know our nature and ho we take care of it. That is why we offer various experiences and interpretation routes, so you can enjoy and take care of our land with us.

Looking for a holiday home in Cantabria?


Take a look at The Cantabrian eco-apartments, three sustainable vacation houses equipped with parking and private garden just 7km from San Vicente de la Barquera.

We speak english! So do not hesitate in contact us and request for information 🙂


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