20 July 2018

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The Best tips of Vivir Sin Plástico for a Sustainable Vacation

In The Cantabrian Eco-Apartments we believe in sustainable tourism as a guarantee for the future. That is why we created the post series “Tips for a sustainable vacation”, in which reknown travel and eco bloggers and instagrammers will share their best tips for minimizing their footprint when visiting a destination. Take good notes!

Patri and Fer: The Journey to a Plastic-Free Life

Patri and Fer, from Vivir Sin Plástico blog, decided to erase plastic from their lives almost three years ago. And from that day on they have not only reduced their waste spectacularly (their plastic waste from two years is stored in two mason jars!) but also to make Vivir Sin Plástico a bible for the ones who want to follow their steps to a plastic-free life.


So it’s it natural we wanted to interview them about their best tips and tricks for traveling sustainably. We leave you with them! Enjoy! 🙂

The Best Tips of Vivir Sin Plástico for a Sustainable Vacation

1. Move sustainably


I (Patri) like to hike. On the other hand Fer prefers biking. Using our own energy to move from one place to another make us go slower and enjoy the landscapes much more. And we exercise too! It also helps us to forget the rush (we believe rush and disposable plastic are linked). Many times, when we travel we want to see so many things that we stress out and forget that holidays are just for enjoying.

To arrive to your destiny prioritize taking a train or bus against booking a plane. You would need to be farsighted. If you travel by plane, remember to take your reusable bottle (at the airport you could pass it empty through the security control and then fill it up on the other side) and something to eat with you. Just to avoid every disposable palstic you would be offered during your flight.

2. Forget about shame and dare to ask


And this is said by two introverts. Ask about founts, markets, farmers who sell their products directly… the options you can find could be surprising! There is no need to have a specialized store to buy in bulk, you can find options in almost everywhere. Taje big reusable bags (and some smaller too) to buy products in bulk. Wherever you go, get used to ask the products in your own containers or bags. Most of the times, although they will stare at you in surprise, they will have no problem with it.

Apart from helping you not to generate waste during your trip, it will help you know people and local customes, which will give you a more enriched vision of the place. And also to “campaign” against disposable plastic, which is very needed in any part of the planet.

3. Take some nuts with you

Ok, this may be a simple tip. But taking some nuts in your backpack would prevent you from falling in the tempation of a vending machine in a desperate moments. Nuts are great for providing extra energy, they are not heavy, are easy to find and are delicious. What else could we ask for?

Traveling is an environmental awareness school. It makes us realize how fascinating our planet is, how grateful we have to be about it, and how important it is to take care of it, so we can all enjoy it as much time as possible. So let’s go travel (responsibly)!

Tell us your Tips for a Sustainable Vacation!

What do you think about the tips of Vivir Sin Plástico for a sustainable vacation? Do you have some more to share? Share them with us in the comments section!

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