For the planet

We donate part of our annual profits to non-governmental organizations that work to improve the wellbeing of the planet.

100% green electricity

The electricity consumed by The Cantabrian eco-apartments comes from 100% renewable sources from certified providers.

Energy efficiency

All of the lights in the eco-apartments are LED, which reduces the lighting energy consumption by 88%. In addition, all our electronic appliances are class A.

Water conservation

We have water-saving filters to avoid water waste in both our kitchens and bathrooms.

South-facing orientation

Following traditional Cantabrian building designs, the majority of the windows face south, while the north-facing façades are blind in order to make the most of the heat and natural light.

Waste management

We facilitate the proper separation of waste with waste separation containers, biodegradable bags and explanatory maps of the nearest collection points.

Sustainable textiles

Our textiles (sheets, covers, towels and bath mats) are made from natural textiles (100% cloth) in Spain under fair conditions.

Zero-waste philosophy

We provide you with Tupperware and reusable bags as well as a list of markets and pro-zero waste stores in the area for you to easily purchase items in bulk, if you want.

Cleaning without plastics

We are concerned about microparticles in plastic products (microplastics) reaching the sea. That is why our cleaning supplies (such as scouring pads, cleaning cloths, brushes, brooms or toilet brushes) are made from natural materials and fibers like wood, cellulose or esparto.

Local commitment

We work side by side with artisans, businesses and suppliers to promote the local economy.


Our main objective is to lower our impact on the environment as much as possible, which is why we continue working day after day in order to become more sustainable. You can learn more about our progress by following us on facebook, instagram or twitter.