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06 September 2018

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In  The Cantabrian eco-apartments we want you to have fun this autumn. That’s why we have created different deals so you can come to Cantabria to enjoy the leaf-falling season. Gastronomic experiences, rural family retreats, special prices… all of this is waiting for you in The Cantabrian. Keep reading to know more about our autumn deals!

Take a look at our autumn deals!

Gastronomic Autumn: Eating Cantabria

If you want to discover Cantabria by its gastronomy you cannot lose this deal! 6 nights in Cantabria (you pay 5, we give you 1 fo free!) for 4 people and two traditional gastronomic experiences. The first, a visit to a sobao (sponge cake) factory, where you would see and participate in the making process, taking them home in the end. Moreover, you would visit a milking farm, where you would pick up the milk you would use to elaborate a fresh cheese afterwards.

Gastronomic Autumn

· 6 nights (5+1 for free) + 2 gastronomic experiences



Rural family retreat: adventure for families

Because holidays are not for summer only! Take a 3 nights trip and live and adventure in the nature with your family. Explore rural Cantabria with our hurdle-making workshop. Together you would make a traditional hurdle with branches you would have picked up in our previous visit to the nearby forests, where you could feel the ancient way of living in Cantabria.

Rural Family Retreat

· 3 nights + 1 family friendly rural experience



7 or more nights: the trip to really know Cantabria

If you fancy travelling slow, relishing every moment and enjoying virgin nature and magical places almost alone, this is your offer! Come stay with us for a week (or more) and enjoy a 10% disccount during your stay.

7 or more nights



With our autumn deals you have no excuse to not knowing Cantabria! We are waiting for you 😉

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