24 September 2018

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5 plans to do in Cantabria in October

October is an ideal month to discover Cantabria, with its beach days contrasting its rainy afternoons. And it’s even more ideal if you stay in a natural environment such as The Cantabrian eco-apartments. Take a look at our autumn deals, check out the plans to do in Cantabria in October and come stay with us!

5 plans to do in Cantabria in October

1. Picking up chestnuts and participate in a popular chestnut feast!

Autumn is the ideal time for collecting nuts! Make the most of mother nature and spend an afternoon picking up chestnuts in Cantabrian mountains. You would connect with nature and you would take home a real delicacy! Moreover, this month you could enjoy this fruit in the 8th chestnut feast, organized by the neighbours of Serdio (the village where our eco-apartments are). The 20th October this little Cantabrian village turns into a chestnut capital with a popular chestnut roast, food workshops, artisanal market, traditional music and even a photography contest!

Imagen: Sébastien Bourguet en Unsplash
Imagen: Louis Reed en Unsplash

2. Witnessing autumn in the woods

Autumn is a special season for Cantabrian woods, full of oaks, hazel or chestnut trees. Enjoy the fallen leafs and the intense reddish colours of the landscape hiking in the mountains. Our favourites? Ucieda, Monte Corona or any path through the Saja-Nansa natural reserve and the highest part of Nansa Valley.

3. Biking through Cantabria

Once the hear starts to fade, a bike route is an excellent choice to discover Cantabria. One of our favourites (and easy to follow) is the vía verde del Pas, a flat path that you can make from Ontaneda to Puente Viesgo through pictoresque villages.

Imagen: Alvan Nee en Unsplash

4. Living the olimpiada del tudanco

The 12th of October you cannot lose this date with the indigenous cow of Cantabria. During the whole day, Cabezón de la Sal dresses up and celebrate the national contest of Tudanca cow. A unique chance to discover these animals.

5. Discovering Santander from its bay

One of the best ways to know Santander is doing it from its bay. You can do it taking a regina, the boats which connect Cantabrian capital with Pedreña and Somo municipality.

Imagen: Los Reginas

Already chosen your perfect plan to do in Cantabria in October?

We hope these 5 plans todo in Cantabria in October have served as an inspiration. Can you think of some more? Share them with us in the comment section!

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