26 August 2018

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5 plans to do in Cantabria in September

September is one of our favourite travel months. With the summer coming to an end and with a much more relaxed vibe, September is the perfect month to enjoy a slow trip, discover new places without any rush and try everything our travels have to offer. If you want to know the best plans to do in Cantabria in September check out these ideas, make a reservation in our Eco-Apartments The Cantabrian and start enjoying!

5 plans to do in Cantabria in September

1. Trying sorropotún

The festivities of La Barquera and El Mozucu are held on 8th and 9th of September in San Vicente de la Barquera. El Mozucu is a popular feast which is held in the fields surrounding Merón Beach, with music and entertainment for children. Moreover, you can enjoy its typical dish: sorropotún. A traditional meal made of fish and potatoes. Dress in navy blue and join the party!

Imagen: Naturea

2. Watch la berrea

La berrea is a natural phenomena which marks the time when deers go into heat in Cantabrian mountains. Waking up early, putting our mountain boots on and waiting for the deers’ sound is a unique experience.  Naturea, a public natural education program, offers guided routes.

3. Harvest wild berries

September is the perfect month to pick wild berries in the nature. In Cantabria you would find thousands of paths where you would find them easily. Pick up your basket, and enjoy a so-natural snack!

Imagen: Michal Vrba, Unsplash

4. Enjoy the calm beaches

Discovering the beaches and the coast with no one around (or almost no one) is one of the best plans to do in Cantabria in September. Beaches like Merón, in San Vicente de la Barquera, are almost empty. Perfect for a quiet beach day!

5. Discover Cantabrian culture

Reinosa helds the traditional Día de Campoo during the last sunday of September. A day to celebrate tradition and culture in southern Cantabria. Come by and enjoy its cattle parade, traditional music or typical market.

Imagen: Turismo de Cantabria

Already chosen your perfect plan to do in Cantabria in September?

We hope these 5 plans todo in Cantabria in September have served as an inspiration. Can you think of some more? Share them with us in the comment section!

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