25 October 2018

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5 plans to do in Cantabria in november

It’s time to take your coat and explore! November is here, and with it, dozens of plans to discover the mosth authentic Cantabria. If you don’t know what to do in Cantabria in November, don’t worry! We tell you some: traditional fairs, feasts or hidden valleys in which eating original delicacies are just a few of them. So if you need to take a break and relax, Cantabria and our eco-apartaments The Cantabrian are the ideal choice. (Pssst, moreover we have several autumn offers! And now go check the plans to do in Cantabria in November we have written for you!

5 plans to do in Cantabria in November

1. Coming back to 40s in the Feria de la Alubia y la Hortaliza

Can you imagine the life of Cantabrians in the 40’s? In the feria de la alubia y la hortaliza de Casar de Periedo you could be there! During 17th and 18th November, this feast make us travel in time. The festivity recreates rural life and organises a traditional market which offer legumes, vegetables and other traditional farm products. In addition, you could also enjoy food spots and typical music. A great plan!

Imagen: Feria de la alubia y la hortaliza

2. Visiting Cantabria’s secret valleys

November is a perfect month to visit the most hidden valleys of Cantabria. Take a forest bath and smell the firewood coming from the old houses visiting our secret spots. Polaciones Valley or the highest part of are great options. And they are just 1h from our eco-apartments!

3. Tasting the best liquors in the Fiesta del Orujo

Visiting the village of Potes is always a good plan. But if you do it when the Fiesta del Orujo takes place, you really can’t ask for more! During the second weekend of November this municipality near Picos de Europa live its main feast. Be there and enjoy it too!

Imagen: Gobierno de Cantabria

4. Spending a morning picking up wild mushrooms

The woods of Cantabria are full of treasures. One of them are the more than 7.000 kinds of mushrooms we can find in the region (be careful,  justl 10% are eatable). Pick up your basket and start recollecting!

5. Discovering Cantabrian tribes way of life

The Cabezón de la Sal Cantabrian tribe village is an essential visit to understand how the ancient Cantabrians lived. A great experience!

Imagen: Ayuntamiento de Cabezón de la Sal

Already chosen your perfect plan to do in Cantabria in November?

We hope these 5 plans todo in Cantabria in November have served as an inspiration. Can you think of some more? Share them with us in the comment section!

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