29 November 2018

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5 plans to do in Cantabria in December

Christmas concerts, walks in beautiful little villages or a traditional new years eve run. The plans we have written for discovering Cantabria this month are all great. If you want to enjoy them, don’t hesitate! Pick up your suitcase and come to stay with us in our eco-apartments The Cantabrian. Want to know more? Keep reading about what to do in Cantabria in december!

5 plans to do in Cantabria in December

1. Keep your body warm with a cocido montañés plate in Bárcena Mayor

Nothing better than a traditional dish to warm yourself up after a walk in the hills and stony streets of this little village. We are sure your stomach would be grateful.

Imagen: Turismo de Cantabria
Imagen: Santillana del Mar Turismo

2. Discover the hidden nativities

In December it’s typical for little churches orcouncil halls to display nativity scenes. Experience an authentic Christmas discovering the hidden nativities in each village. A great starting point is Santillana del Mar.

3. Get close to a fireplace in the bar of a little village in the mountains

December is the month in which Cantabrian villages, like Tudanca or Polaciones, are in the peak of its charm. With snow settling in its mountains the best plan is entering into the local bar, ask for a caldo or a warm coffee and make a place for yourself just near the flames.

Imagen: Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash
Imagen: David Beale / Unsplash

4. Listening to a Christmas concert

The traditional Christmas concert of the Jesús de Monasterio Music School is held in Santander a week before christmas eve. A unique time to enjoy its magnificient chorus and orchestra playing Christmas clasics.

The afternoon of the 31st of December, San Vicente de la Barquera helds the San Silvestre race. This competition has different categories for children and adults, a great ambiance and beautiful sea views. And what is more important, the run donates its benefits to a charity. Don’t you think it’s a great plan to run the San Silvestre and then celebrate new year’s eve in one of our eco-apartments?

Already chosen your perfect plan to do in Cantabria in December?

We hope these 5 plans todo in Cantabria in December have served as an inspiration. Can you think of some more? Share them with us in the comment section!

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